Serramalte - Portraits

Benson Chin Rogério Puhl Carla Barth Renato Faccini Benson Chin Firmorama Thiago Neumann Shun Izumi Carla Barth Firmorama Rogério Puhl Thiago Neumann Shun Izumi Illustration: Bernardo Abreu / Type: Lygia Pires Lygia Pires Lygia Pires Lygia Pires

Portrait illustrations developed for Serramalte, a vintage and traditional brazilian brewery. The artists created 14 portraits, beer bottles and glasses illustrations, as well as a custom alphabet.


Artwork usage included a wide range of platforms like printed, digital and out of home media.


Eight of them were published on Lürzer's Archive Vol. 4-18.


Illustrations and type by:

- Benson Chin

Bernardo Abreu

- Carla Barth


Lygia Pires

Renato Faccini

Rogério Puhl


- Shun Izumi

Thiago Neumann

Commissioned by